earn           bank account           bank statement           bank transfer           claim unemployment benefit     

get paid           invoice           pay for           pay slip           save           sign a contract           spend

I get paid at the end of the month

1. Write the correct option in your notebook 

1. When you start a new job you invoice / sign a contract

2. When you buy something you have to earn / pay for it.


3. On a bank statement / invoice you can see how much money you have in your bank account


4. I want to buy a new bike so I have to spend / save some money.


5. I don't earn / spend a lot in my job because I only work part-time at the moment.


6. When you buy something  and pay for it, you also get a pay slip / an invoice

2. In your notebook, complete the sentences with words from exercise 2

1. You look at your bank statement to see how much money is in your b____________ a____________

2. When you c____________ u____________ b____________ you get money during the time you haven't got a job.

3. S____________  means use money to pay for things

4. Your p____________ s____________ gives you information about the money you earn from your job

5. A b____________ t____________ is when you move money from one account to another

6. In my job, I g____________ p____________ on the last Friday of every month