1. Listen to María talking to careers advisor about an apprenticeship in textiles. Does he think it's a good idea for her?

2. Listen again. Inyour notebook, write true or false:

   a. María wants to work in an office

   b. María prefers learning something by doing it

   c. You get a certificate at the end of the apprenticeship

   d. A textile designer doesn't need to know about developments in technology

3. Listen again and answer the questions in your notebook

   1. What is María studying this year?

          a. Textiles

          b. Computer technology

   2. What do you get at the end of the apprenticeship?

          a. a job

          b. a certificate

   3. What does the careers advisor give María?

          a. An application form for an apprenticeship

          b. A brochure about apprenticeships

Talking to a careers advisor

Language note:

A career= a profession you spend your working life in

A careers advisor= a person who hlps students choose the best career for them

Pronunciation Note


how, he, her